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I remember when I drove up here, I was going from the heavens (mountains) and made the descend all the way down to civilization. All I saw up in heaven were Amish folks and the town looked SO SO OLD. Corn fields everywhere! I took a photo of an Amish individual in their horse & buggy. Not the very best photo and or the complete photo but I could use my imagination to visualize the rest=) I’m getting over a cold and today is the last day to study for my practical ( I had to learn 300+ terms).

The sun is so beautiful. I took this around 6:47PM. The trees blocked most of the beautiful view but none-the-less it was beautiful.

I was at school and I saw a squirrel carrying a big walnut. I mean this walnut was so massive it was as big as its head. I know that squirrels hide their booty and that they also pretend to bury it in order to thwart their many thiefs-to-be in cashing their bounty. I observed it pretending to bury it a few times and I just had to take a photo of it. The last stop (in the photo) is when it actually started digging into the ground and actually buried the nut. I also took a movie clip of it. I found it so fascinating! I’m going to be an ass and go dig it up (lol) j/k. Squirrels and birds help distribute a lot of the greens we currently have and enjoy this present day!

It was a crazy night! Winds were quite nippy that night as I recall. Come morning and there was a powerline on the road, debris everywhere, and a lot of people feeling uneasy. I felt uneasy that night myself. The winds howled like a pack of wolves reigning down on a pack of deers. I was frighten none-the-less.

I saw it today while driving home… Thought it was pretty pretty cool! The guy looking at me when I took the photo looked like he was having oodles of fun! I just hope the paint vapor didn’t ruin my clear on my truck!

Pisses you off? I’m sure it does! Theres a lot of people who do that. That teaches bad habits to others! To think there isn’t any other place they can throw it in. Say, their own damn car duh? I don’t understand why people feel the need to throw shit out of their car. They should be fined 1000 a pop- that ought to teach them half-wits! I guess it’s the notion of being “macho” and we know how macho they are alright! People with shit for logic piss me off!

I was on the road today and I saw this:

Close up:

Man that must hurt. I bet the car was making a left and traffic perpendicular to it, got it square in the middle flipping and pushing it on the side of the road onto the street. What sucks is that the holidays are just nearing. Christmas & New Year…

I was driving down to the south side and I saw an old dude peeing on a fence [I assume] he frequents a lot because he had no care in the world taking care of business whilst everyone passing by in their cars can see full view of his audacious yet uncouth behavior=) I for one, had ready my camera because I’m starting to get into photo blogging, took a snap shot of him and the two people confronting him about his dog’ish behavior. Little did I know, when this lady and man turned around, I saw them carrying guns so they weren’t ordinary citizens. Also I saw a police vehicle driving to that area as I made a left and on to my way for a scheduled hair trim.

What an amazing feat! Technology in bridge building and structural integrity of it, is freak’n awesome! Uber cool!

First thing in the morning at a stop and I saw this:

Never know what kind of intuitive ideas people will come up with these days! I’m not poking fun at the individual but they sure as hell made my driving pleasure a little tolerable and amusing. Didn’t know so much crap could fit in a small John boat. Awesome!

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