My collection of aquarium fishies. I had loaches but they jumped out of my tank=( I’ll be doing research on each species of my fishies… willing that time will give.

Weirdest Fish EVER
Red Wag Tail Platy (F)-Males have sharp anal fin

-Live bearers

-Can mate with swordtail

Gold Gourami (M)-Females have rounded dorsal fin
Black Skirt Tetra (M)-Female anal fin is perpendicular to body
Angel /wp-gallery/fishies (M)-Female has no hump on head
Swordtail (M)-Females do not have sword

-Live bearers

-Can mate with Platys

Cory Punctatus-Bottom Feeders

-Females are bigger than males

Hypostomus Plecostomus-Algae eater
Ghost Glass Cat/wp-gallery/fishies-Omnivorous

-Likes currents

Green Tiger Barbs-Omnivorous

-Good in groups of 6 or more

-During spawning, they have red noses

-Males are smaller and more colorful

Zebra Danio-Omnivorous

-Males are smaller.

Fancy Guppies (M)-Females don’t look too fancy
Pictus Cat/wp-gallery/fishies

Clown Loaches:
Feeding: Defrosted frozen bloodworms, white mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, etc; chopped prawns are appreciated by larger fish; manufactured sinking wafers (algae, carnivore wafers…), fresh or blanched vegetables such as cucumber, zuchinni, lightly boiled peas. Other keepers have had success with foods such as watermelon and banana, quality flake food. Will enjoy nibbling at soft or fine leaved aquatic plants.