March 2007


I was brought upon by the notion that I will always be unhappy with the one I would be-unioned with whether now or in the near future. It didn’t make sense to me logically because preferences are all that rules wumen (men & women- I so made up that term). It’s not okay to have preferences I take it? That’s bullshit. Everyone has preferences from personal amenities to sex partners.

Would eating a green apple be fair to a red apple that you prefer? What if there were no red apples to pick from? All you had were green apples. Based on fairness, I shouldn’t consume the green apple in fairness because I would be preferring a red apple? Each time I have a(n) green apple, I would say to myself: “red apples are far more delicious than green ones”. So every time that I had that thought (adulterous thought), I should be ashamed? That’s bullshit too!

I forgot long ago there was a study done about what type of shape a man prefers. There were 3-6 shapes drawn out on a tablet and they would inquire the thoughts of many men on what type of shapes they preferred. All the men who were given the test chose a similar shape 90% of the time. These were given to men from all over the world- Europe, Asia, and even indigenous peoples/tribes. Ironically, how can indigenous men pick out the same shape like the other men when they don’t even have running water, television and etc?

What we prefer, we don’t always end up attaining. I believe we find someone imperfect and make them perfect. Let our mental state of mind transcend to reality. Back on track here. So if you were to date someone that didn’t fit many of your preferences, wouldn’t you find them perfect in a very subtle way? Why would you date them if they didn’t make you happy? I don’t necessarily believe that. For example, when we do make love, would we think of that person to be someone we’ve dreamed about? That’s fantasizing. Fantasizing is when you masturbate for lack of discreet of examples.

Sure, we go into public and see someone very attractive- even more attractive than our mate. I believe that’s normal and shouldn’t be considered abnormal. Would this fine delicious contestant be an asset to you or would love you in a manner that your mate does? I’m pretty sure not! Would you take the risk of finding out? Why? Why waste your time when you have something far better at home? It’s human nature to bleed and so it’s human nature to look. Look doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll fantasize about them unless what you have at home is decadent towards you.


Life isn’t about fairness. You win some, you lose some. Pick your battles well. For the ones you can win, great! For the ones you know you’ll be at lost, it’s an experience you won’t forget! Fairness isn’t tangible and shouldn’t be associated with apples. I’d rather have an apple all to myself than to split it three ways equally. You know how hard it is to split an apple three ways? Apples are not equal spheres befell from heaven so they come in all shapes and sizes. If you were to split it in three, than you would have three unequal parts no matter how you cut it. So if push comes to shove, take what you can and shut the hell up.Just like love but in a rather un-fruity way, love isn’t fair. There isn’t one fair quality in love so it’s moot just talking about it but I digress and will try to sway some theory on this gray matter. In a relationship, no one relationship has equal love or “shares” equal love between the one’s be-unioned. Sure, you get the flakes that commit to such love that a lost would be their mates lost or that their gain is that the gain of their mate’s gain. Then when a storm spills over, they find themselves separated and departed. I thought love was mutual and that nothing would break such a prolific union? Was I wrong?

Love should be fair. Seems fair. Feels fair but when push comes to shove, everyone has their breaking point. It’s the last straw that broke the camel’s back. And so in essence, love can go so far and no farther. Take what you can and shut the hell up. Put up or shut the hell up. No one made you stay the longer hour nor bent your arm in submission.


When the raining season comes, you get a lot of excess water accumulating in the pool and you have to drain the pool once that happens. I just hate unrolling the rubber hose to drain the pool to the proper level. So I put piping underneath the ground towards the back of my house so that I will drain without having me unroll and re-roll the hose. It worked out nicely! Had good help and the digging was a pain in the butt!

I cheated a little because the discharge was 1.5″ sch 40 pvc piping. I stepped it down to 1.24″ thin-walled piping. Cheaper for me and no performance differences it seems to me. Whatever works no?




You have to remember to put a check valve near the output of the discharge valve. This prevents any water from backing up into your pool water. It’s just an extra measure of protection because there is a valve before the check valve anywho. Ironic that the check valve cost more than four 1.24″ sch 40 thin-walled pvc piping.DSC00922.jpg



I have no idea what you call it except that I can only logically conclude that it’s called either a ticket skewer or a ticket holder. You can buy them individually but the gf loses it all the time. So I made one, all seven of them in a grid. Plus, I don’t know where you would buy one. Office depot? Who knows! It cost me 8.50USD. Not bad for time spent. I think I did a damn fine job!





What I want in a mate- now that’s something everyone asks one another! Isn’t ironic how this question gets repeated, beat, and abused over again and again? Throughout the centuries, the question never changes in form albeit it doesn’t lack the sentiment value because it doesn’t deserve none. I found that the things we want in life are usually the things we can’t get. In actuality, the things we want are not permissible in the eyes of the beholder. I would imagine having such a list is moot in contrast to what we actually attain.

I would not answer her in full because It would be too demanding. I’m a very demanding person; just not special or above anyone else. My demands are pretty simple: someone with a normongous heart, has an aptitude and appetite to transcend, and values self. I told you they were simple! Just very demanding in nature. So don’t look at those demands superficially because if you did, everyone would fit them including your dog. If everything were to be so easy, then what’s the challenge?

I see a lot of things I don’t want so that is why I stay single. Courting isn’t hard. What’s hard is courting someone of value. Someone that isn’t a blithering idiot. And let me tell you, there are a lot of idiots out there! Shame. Shame! O well, what can we do, what can we say? I don’t want to have relationships one after another that didn’t mean anything; it’s a waste of my time. My time is valuable- not necessarily to you, but only to me. Wasting time on matters that are moot adds stones to my shoulders and scales beneath my soles. I’m on a time crunch and simply can’t give my love away to every damsel in distress.

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. Partly from work and the induced feeling of being adrift and lost in the chaos of what we know is as life. I would imagine ten years from now, I would still be here and everyone I know will be gone with the life. I don’t change much; it’s just my surrounding that tend to changing. This gives me a lot of emptiness within and does nothing for me nor does it give me an edge over anything I hold dear. I can’t help but feel dramatic and not synced with my surroundings. I think I’m losing it. Losing what; I don’t really know.

“Inch by inch, life is a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard”- Mac Anderson . I don’t envy change and I welcome the dynamics of variety. I have a lot of tasks undone and need tending to. A plethora of chores stacked ceiling high and looking up skyward high wondering why and how will they all be undone. So I randomly pick something logically sufficient to do and make done and move on to the next. I don’t want to spread out and dabble here and there and never get anything done. That’s my flaw; I think I have ten heads, arms, and legs- ready to conquer and multi-task but I fail inevitably. As a result, I’m slowing down with a flat and moving inch by inch. Hopefully life will be a cinch.

When it comes to sex appeal, I like anything with a skirt! Easy in and easy out? Quick get-away? I don’t know what it is with skirts but I find it most attractive. They come in all different flavors: classy, modern, rock, casual, and slutty. All of which, I find fascinating in one way or form. It’s the appeal of power; pleasantly delicate and understated. Prowess in speech or is speech a parallel to the walks and stature of devil’s advocate on slutty heels? Or perhaps it’s the provocativeness hidden behind what seems to be curvy heavenliness bound by what I can only tell is two wholesome lovely lady lumps? Hmmm, someone do tell!

Out of all the flavors felled from rainbows, I chose classiness over all. There are five styles of skirts befallen and only one rules them all. It is the classic look. Many of my favorite actresses look simply delicious in them. The ones that come into mind the most are Eva Mendez & Catherine Zeta Jones. They look sophisticated in them- hell, it’s Hollywood so wouldn’t everyone need to? Hell, if I had lady lumps, I’ll wear them myself. But seriously, skirts really do it for me. My girlfriends do agree.

This has led me to the conclusion: I have not seen Ghost Rider (2007). O my, what am I missing out? Wholesome o’ goodness. I need to go see it but I’m tired and need rest. Eva and Catherine are both my girlfriends (it’s Hollywood, they can make me good looking to match dammit). BTW, I had a very, very hard time trying to find photos of both of these delicacies. I prefer the skirts over the netted look of Mendez. Hell, I prefer sexy clothing over nude any day.

O my, I forgot I like those pro-suits these women wear too! They are simply an impression of power. Yum-O. Can’t find any of those photos either. I thought google was my bestfriend. Apparently they’ve failed miserably! Professionalism is an attraction from all perspectives by all carnies!




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