What I want in a mate- now that’s something everyone asks one another! Isn’t ironic how this question gets repeated, beat, and abused over again and again? Throughout the centuries, the question never changes in form albeit it doesn’t lack the sentiment value because it doesn’t deserve none. I found that the things we want in life are usually the things we can’t get. In actuality, the things we want are not permissible in the eyes of the beholder. I would imagine having such a list is moot in contrast to what we actually attain.

I would not answer her in full because It would be too demanding. I’m a very demanding person; just not special or above anyone else. My demands are pretty simple: someone with a normongous heart, has an aptitude and appetite to transcend, and values self. I told you they were simple! Just very demanding in nature. So don’t look at those demands superficially because if you did, everyone would fit them including your dog. If everything were to be so easy, then what’s the challenge?

I see a lot of things I don’t want so that is why I stay single. Courting isn’t hard. What’s hard is courting someone of value. Someone that isn’t a blithering idiot. And let me tell you, there are a lot of idiots out there! Shame. Shame! O well, what can we do, what can we say? I don’t want to have relationships one after another that didn’t mean anything; it’s a waste of my time. My time is valuable- not necessarily to you, but only to me. Wasting time on matters that are moot adds stones to my shoulders and scales beneath my soles. I’m on a time crunch and simply can’t give my love away to every damsel in distress.