Life isn’t about fairness. You win some, you lose some. Pick your battles well. For the ones you can win, great! For the ones you know you’ll be at lost, it’s an experience you won’t forget! Fairness isn’t tangible and shouldn’t be associated with apples. I’d rather have an apple all to myself than to split it three ways equally. You know how hard it is to split an apple three ways? Apples are not equal spheres befell from heaven so they come in all shapes and sizes. If you were to split it in three, than you would have three unequal parts no matter how you cut it. So if push comes to shove, take what you can and shut the hell up.Just like love but in a rather un-fruity way, love isn’t fair. There isn’t one fair quality in love so it’s moot just talking about it but I digress and will try to sway some theory on this gray matter. In a relationship, no one relationship has equal love or “shares” equal love between the one’s be-unioned. Sure, you get the flakes that commit to such love that a lost would be their mates lost or that their gain is that the gain of their mate’s gain. Then when a storm spills over, they find themselves separated and departed. I thought love was mutual and that nothing would break such a prolific union? Was I wrong?

Love should be fair. Seems fair. Feels fair but when push comes to shove, everyone has their breaking point. It’s the last straw that broke the camel’s back. And so in essence, love can go so far and no farther. Take what you can and shut the hell up. Put up or shut the hell up. No one made you stay the longer hour nor bent your arm in submission.