December 2006

This is my new love. It’s a monster and can cut through literally anything but I won’t be cutting anything except paper with this new toy. I had to cut a few pieces of paper to align the guillotine correctly. I found that the more paper you cut, the smoother the cut you will make. Odd huh? If you cut only one sheet, the sheet will crimp and be uneven.Features:

  • Easy to Operate, Sturdy, Well Balanced Frame with Heavy Duty Construction.
  • Professionally machined and assembled steel blade rail and sturdy blade assembly.
  • Heavy duty 7/64″ all steel base with computer generated dual measures (standard and metric).
  • Surface protected with scratch resistant coating.
  • Hardened precision steel blade customized at the factory. Blades can either be re-sharpened or replaced if needed.
  • Machined steel side gauge with standard measures (1/32″ resolution), protected with scratch resistant coating.
  • New innovative rail-based solid steel back support with lock knob (can be easily flipped up to cut longer stacks).
  • Vertically adjustable blade assembly to compensate for the slight loss of blade height after a re-sharpening.
  • Long lasting and rotate-able tie plate (the material that the paper cutter blade rests on when it cuts)
  • Adjustable paper clamp locks down paper stack firmly in place, eliminating shifting and tearing to ensure precise cuts
  • Automatic safety blade lock prevents cutting until released
  • All metal clamp hand wheel
  • Solid steel side gauge
  • Nonskid feet

(will add vid once I figure out how to convert mpg to avi)

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I love listening to radio talk shows. They almost always have something good and interesting to say. I love to hear other peoples antics and opinions on diverse subjects and the likes. The Snitch Show is quite an interesting show. I’ve been a listener for almost three years now and from the beginning, I’ve always thought the host as being an ass. I had enough of him today.

I’ve noticed that he has his opinions and feels quite strong about them and I understand that but when his audience calls in to voice their own opinion, he literally ignores them and inserts his own or ridicules them without them having chance to augment their reasoning. He treats the callers like shit. Hanging up on them without reason or just biting their head off after they let loose a few sentences. He’s a horrible greeter too, might I add.

Another that gets me all flustered is that when someone challenges Snitch, the host, he doesn’t let them talk and instead interrupts them an inserts his authority by calling them dumb indirectly and insults them like they’re the sorry idiots of the day whom happen to peck a fight with him.

I noticed a lot lately that when some people call in, he likes to analyze and use their own words against them but can’t have the same done to him. For example, a caller contradicts himself accidentally- what happens next is total annihilation— hang up —. Today, a caller called him and said he was totally contradicting himself and instead of letting the man finish, Snitch just bashed him and reinserted his “biased” FACTS- damn’it he can’t be wrong for a change can he? I guess that’s talk biz.

Anywho, the guy that came after the snitch show – I thought – is a great host. Very forward and stern about his opinions but the only difference is that, he actually “cares” about the listeners point of view and was respectful towards them when answering the calls. I admit, the guy talk a whole lot- like a speech he’d give but damn good one(s) too! Snitch stutters

I was suppose to go to the dentist yesterday but has it my luck, my schedule changes too drastically and too spontaneously. I need to pull out a wisdom tooth in preparations for braces. Goodness. I got called on at eight in the morning to reverse the swing of a door from right to left, install two closets and some other miscellaneous odds and ends.

I had a swell time doing it too. Funny thing is, the first box I opened up to assemble together did not come with instructions. I came back to Home Depot to ask them for the needed instructions. The guy in baths, Fred respectively, opened a whole new box to give me the instructions but there wasn’t one to give. So I told Fred he needed to kick someone’s ass.

Turns out after I was done installing the damn thing, the instructions were found clasped in between the backboard. Who the hell puts instructions in there? Freak’n terd balls! I made amends by opening the next box (a smaller closet made by the same company Closet Maid) and going for the backboard but before I did, I found the instructions lying on the top of the parts when you first open the box. That’s how it has always been. The idiot that put the parts in there that had it hidden in the backboard is a douche bag. Screw Closet Maid (the dumb ass that put the parts together).

Anywho, without instructions leading me to full fruition, I ended up assembling the closet correctly! How do you like them apples? Damn I’m good. Fred must be happy with a customer so damn witty=) O, did I say I had a coupon for Borders book store? Forty percent off! ****! Yeah, I missed that sweet opportunity as you can see.

Which one do you prefer? I was looking for a good Chinese book to learn a thing or two about the Chinese language. I found that Mandarin is more widely spoken so I choose it rather than Cantonese. China has 13 different dialects but one common written alphabet! So if you don’t understand the Mandarin man standing next to you, just right down what you want to convey and it’s understood. I thought that was cool! Learn one dialect and speak to all 13? Wonderful!

10 minutes a day the book says. I’m a little skeptical about that! I don’t plan to speak it fluently because that is just impossible for the average Joe and I happen to be one of them. I want to understand a little bit here and there. For example, “I want some yum yum” or “bitch, stop being stupid” or something ridiculous that I can burst out to friends.

I plan do 11.5 minutes a day (lol). I think this experience will be fun and refreshing at the same time. I wouldn’t expect anything out of it. Though, I do have to set clear that I purchased this book for eight dollars instead of the 21 dollars Borders wanted. I’m a special customer, ya know. I purchase a lot of things there so I cashed in my savings. Yeah…. where is my latte?

By Far, this must be the best game ever. I mean that literally. Came out in 1996 and now it’s present day, 2006. I can’t get over this game. It was intended for dos but it works with Windows XP- eh 256 color use to be the *shit*. I remember in those days, RAM was rediculously expensive and an 8MB video card cost you a testical. Ah, the good O’ days.This game brings me back into childhood. I remember playing this game for a straight 14hours during the summer. Than when I went to bed, I would contemplate on how to advance myself to the next level. I had dreams about this game too. This game took me over mentally. Physically, it made me extremely tired and sluggish because of the many hours it took away from my sleep time.

The reason I like this game so much over the new and more advanced games is that because it’s simple. I love the music even thought it’s repetitive and the smart quirky remarks my “foes” makes during the game really adds to the suspense! I like the way how you can manage wheat farms and raising cows, weapons production, and castle building.

I tried Lord Of The Realm III two years ago and it was terrible! You read anywhere on the net and you’ll see nothing but utter disappointment. The creators of the LOTRIII really did away with making something better than its predecessor. I hate the new management of castles and the way you engage in battle. You really can’t make your own army or get to pick what’s to become of the group of infantry. +++ for LOTRII and NAY for LOTRIII.

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