Which one do you prefer? I was looking for a good Chinese book to learn a thing or two about the Chinese language. I found that Mandarin is more widely spoken so I choose it rather than Cantonese. China has 13 different dialects but one common written alphabet! So if you don’t understand the Mandarin man standing next to you, just right down what you want to convey and it’s understood. I thought that was cool! Learn one dialect and speak to all 13? Wonderful!

10 minutes a day the book says. I’m a little skeptical about that! I don’t plan to speak it fluently because that is just impossible for the average Joe and I happen to be one of them. I want to understand a little bit here and there. For example, “I want some yum yum” or “bitch, stop being stupid” or something ridiculous that I can burst out to friends.

I plan do 11.5 minutes a day (lol). I think this experience will be fun and refreshing at the same time. I wouldn’t expect anything out of it. Though, I do have to set clear that I purchased this book for eight dollars instead of the 21 dollars Borders wanted. I’m a special customer, ya know. I purchase a lot of things there so I cashed in my savings. Yeah…. where is my latte?