They are a little bigger than I had expected. I guess eyeing the measurement of the one gallon jugs was a bad idea ;( It’s okay because I got 5 in a pack and I’m sure I can cut them down some how. It’s funny because since I made this order, I decided not to make colloidal silver in the one gallon jugs anymore b/c I like making CS in the gallon pitcher. I should have ordered 6.5.

I also use the same setup for cooking CS in a 47 oz jar but with a different twist. This works perfect because the air bubbler is right under the two rods and prevents and sludge build up on the rods completely. The sludge settles on the bottom like it should while keep the rods nice and clean. One of my rods is severely worn down because of the sludge build up left on there after a 24 hr cook. It wont happen again if I cook in the 47 oz jar. I want to do the same thing for the gallon jugs but that will be tricky.

The boba straw worked out pretty good. It forces the air tube to be straight and right under the anode and cathode. Works out great! I know I can do better if and when I get a chance to go to Home Depot ;). Sludge settles to the bottom while keep the silver rods completely sludge free!