This time in a 47oz salsa glass container. This is the best batch I have made so far. The results I got was not expected. For a six hr run, I ended up with 22PPM. The last batch was 24hr and only 15PPM (rested after filtration and it was only 13PPM). I filtered the production bc it had a lot of sedimentation and put it right back in the jar to continue cooking till the end of the 6th hr.

I think what happened was that the resistance in the water is low because of the high content of dissociated silver in the water making it more electrically conductive, and thus it was producing silver ions btwn the cathode and anode more quickly which then increased the clumping. Slow and steady is the name of the game! Which is why i’m not increasing the current above 1ma (unless further deduced on future cookings depending on the results).

I was thinking why not have a fish filter with the input tube all the way down to the bottom of the jar to filter up any agglutinated silver particles coming from the silver rods? I think that’s a great idea! I’ll try that next time after I use up all my colloidal silver. I’m going to discard the first two batches and just use the 22PPM CS.

I need to figure out why when cooking 1 gallon batches, it takes 24hr to achieve just 13PPM and result in a lot of residue. I have a theory on why it is so. Looking at other professionally made kits, they are utilizing above 32volts and have a lot more silver than I do. Well I wouldn’t say a lot more silver bc i’m using 1 troy oz of silver. The surface area of CollGen2 Machine is more condense vs so stretched out like the rods I’m using. They use 1 silver bar and the other bar is just stainless steel (from what I can see from this  Youtube video). Similarly Atlastnova (I purchased my silver from them) utilizes the same method but with 4 rods of 10 gauge silver to produce CS in one gallon batches. TheSilverEdge uses the same method as me but what he might be doing different is maybe using more voltage on this Youtube video. So I have to run a few tests with each batch maybe having more voltage and or  just a little more current. I know I don’t want to exceed 1.5ma. I’ve done some calculations and I want to run 48volts @ 0.58ma on the gallon batches. We’ll see next time!!!

Bellow is my 4th batch and it is the best batch so far @ 22PPM!!! It’s crystal clear! 46oz of pure goodness that would have cost me $87 on amazon ;). This batch cost me 6hrs while I was studying + the cost of the distilled water (the contraption took to make it  payed for itself 10 folds so far!!!).