I bought a 16oz bottle of colloidal silver for 30 dollars shipped to my door from Amazon. That’s pricey; extremely pricey!!! Every morning I shower and mist my face with CS to prevent acne (it works wonders for people who already have acne). Acne is caused by clogged pores + bacteria. CS enters your pores and kills/prevents the acne from forming. Works well with white/black heads on your nose; I would squeeze the black heads out then spray CS so it enters the open pockets left by the blackheads and it slowly kills and heals the pore. Sorry I got derailed… Here’s the image from Amazon

I tested the above CS and ended up with less than what’s advertised. I’m still satisfied none the less. 250ppm is over kill anywho! 5-10ppm of high quality CS is all that I seek!!!

Anyhow, I’ve been reading on how to make CS and based on my understanding:

1) clean distilled water
2) 99.99% silver (don’t purchase the 99.9% b/c it has more impurities such as gold, brass, lead etc)
3) Power (battery or a power brick)

Distilled water has no impurities in them and makes quality CS. Keep in mind that distilled water must be warm. Warm distilled water makes smaller ppm (parts per million) CS. The minimum power requirements is around 30volts DC. I’m using a power brick from a HP 8500 that is rated at 32volts @ 2amps output. I’m using 10gauge silver rods. This is THICK! I can make this by the gallons and the cost is pennies to the dollar!!! I’m reducing the 2 amps down to 0.58ma with a 55k-ohm resistor. Current will not be able to exceed .58ma so the CS being cooked won’t have big particles of silver in the water.

Random notes
1) 10z CS added to 2 gallons of water = disinfected drinkable H20 (thenewsurvivalist)
2) 3oz CS added to 5 gallons of water = disinfected drinkable H20

Tyndall Effect
1) Light Yellow = 1-3ppm
2) Yellow = 4-6ppm
3) Deep Yellow = 7-9ppm
4) Amber = 10-20ppm