Was asked this… The quickest example I came up with is a bowl of rice. The grain of rice represents you mind and spirit and the bow ll is the casing (flesh and body).

If someone is easily bothered by spirits, each encounter, a grain of rice is lost. Spirits have plenty of time – an eternity. They want what you have: life. Each time there is an encounter, you lose yourself until you are left with nothing but a casing.

A casing is a blank sheet – a new beginning. Something that can’t fight back and can only be formed into what ever another entity wants them to be. This is the beginning of a parasitic relationship. Prior to this, people have tried to go to their doctor and told them that they hear things and that they need help. Their doctors tell them it’s just their imagination, take this sedative. This is how some people go crazy.

Many people have a strong spirits so they see less and or experience nothing. The ones that don’t see and hear anything will often call others crazy. Not too many people can own antique paintings, decor, knives, weapons and etc b/c they harbor spirits. The ones that can own these items, see, feel nothing and everyone else are crazy. If you know youre weak spirited, you will stay away from antiques of any sorts and rarely buy second hand items unless it’s from a trusted source or loved one.

My mother and uncle are two people I know who are not bothered by spirits. The soil they step on, shall and will be neutral, holy; like salt. It’s a pity I wasn’t blessed with it b/c I see, talk, and dream of them; they can’t seem to break me though.

You or anyone else, for that matter, can break away from this cycle by chanting for a few years to Buddha. Doing so builds your casing and enriches your core (grains of rice). It will allow you to walk on any soil and it be holy (peace).