Mimi and I separated. I needed a week to get a hold of myself, to walk away, to calm my nerves, to allow the reserved due-diligence. I’ve told her many moons ago that she would leave me for someone at her work. Those many nights when she would come home late or not call at all, I knew something was wrong. That’s history. The point is, I needed a week. I was over her in a week. Honestly, we still had contact after we separated but I was being treated like I didn’t matter- it was okay- had to fulfill my promises so hurt me gently. I knew what I was getting into and I enjoyed every moment of it 😉

My friend is going through a break-up and he’s not letting go. Women are disposable like gloves in waste bins. So are men. Women and men are whores I explained to my friend. Both sexes are at fault. Imagining your once loved doing the naughty with else said kills him inside. As for me, I smile inside. I neither care nor think about it. They will repeat the cycle over again, and get sexually ravaged and mentally abused. It’s okay, there are billions of women/men out there, so pick your poison wisely.