I Cant wait to go to school once more. I have one more summer and If all goes as planned, I shall go up for school once more. Im going to throw away more knick-knacks before I go. All they do is clutter things up. Like life, small insignificant memories, if you keep them with you, they start to clutter your thoughts one memory at a time until they make themselves known. At that point, you have already broken to pieces that literally cant be put back together.

I try to keep clutter out of my life and I try to make my path as smooth as possible so that I wont entangle myself into a mess that I cant dissolve. Anything that is meaningless, I let go. Anything that serves value but lacks intention, is also forgotten. I want to go away and not come back until im done. I want to concentrate on my life as though Im the only important part in it and that everything else drifts behind. I want to be like the sea, pushing contaminants on the shore and supporting what seems endless. I rather be the sea water; engulfing what I cant dissolve and building what I think can sustain.

Sometimes my mind drifts too far and I lose track, time, and resolve. That is when the waves crash and the skies cry only until Ive found myself again; a mirror looking back at me, the sky, to remind me what I am, what I shall be, and the end result of my journey. This is what keeps me going.a href=http://diuternity.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/33986919was0007.jpgimg src=http://diuternity.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/33986919was0007-300×198.jpg alt=33986919was0007 title=33986919was0007 width=300 height=198 class=alignnone size-medium wp-image-713 //a