Did you know that when you build your home, the exhaust fan that are built into the microwave are vented inside the house? It’s an upgrade option to homeowners and a lot of owners overlook this option. My house is designed like that and we didn’t know it was an important factor or that if it was something that we had overlooked. I told the queen that I would redo the exhaust and route it outside but it was a no go until she saw my skills at dry wall and texturing that she changed her mind.

Now the place that I reside at, the landlord did the same deal and will not permit the modifications needed to route the exhaust outside. We were preparing chicken wraps today and the house was full of smoke. We both became teary-eyed but at least the wraps were delicious which somewhat made us forget the smoke that was suffocating us. You can see the smoke faintly below:

Do you see the exhaust? I sucks from the bottom and routes out to the top inside your kitchen- what a lame design. I can’t cut into the landlord’s cabinets so I’ve came up with an ingenious way to rout the exhaust out! To be continued tomorrow!

Box was made out of galvanized sheet metal cut to specified measurements. Box took and hour to make with the bending and screwing of walls together. Came out pretty good IMO. I can take it down whenever we move out. All the joints are sealed with duct compound.