I remember how I use to stay up late at night waiting for a certain call and the ring tone I had set was called “Vision”. Well I heard it today and it made reminiscence a little about the past. It wasn’t really anything important but what was important was how it brought me back to a moment in my journey when I really enjoyed hearing that tone and how I enjoyed the light. Now all that tone does is makes me teary so for now, I can’t bear to hear it.

When I had a Samsung, the tone use to be “fantasy” for my “fantasy” lady hehe. That’s a good tone too. I miss that tone too. Too bad I don’t have a Samsung any longer. That would probably put my mood off too so I probably shouldn’t have an ear for it either. Perhaps in the future when I have honestly admit to myself, that I have relinquished those attachments then I can come to the realization of reality. A lot of things “stick” to you during the way and it’s hard to let go of such precious moments.