Man, the border control into and out of US to Canada are crazy! I feel that every time I pass through the US-Canada border, I’m being interrogated. It’s their job and I understand that. I had my car searched last night coming into Canada! I’m glad I went even though I was homesick. I had lots of fun walking around and taking photos. Niagara Falls never seem to stop amazing me. This time, we went under the falls inside the tunnels and took some amazing photos- to me they were. We had to wear rain coats to prevent from getting wet. I’m ordering a water proof thingie for my camera so I can take photos in the rain and sleet. I could have taken better photos if I was able to take photos in the rain but at least I had something! We ate, drank, and did the same thing again! We will take the boat ride the next time we go up there.