I’m free of all attached sentimental value. Perhaps it was I that wished for more sentimental value from places that couldn’t supply the need. Perhaps I was greedy and needed attention. Perhaps, perhaps. I could simply be wrong but the fire that once burned so hot is now out. Only dancing silhouettes of half passed embers now resemble what we thought was smoke, is now only an illusion.

I have a heart with shrouds of stainless steel; not like the aluminum type my buddy Jimbo has. He always makes fun of me on how cold I am. I’m cold turkey now. What a tangent. It was a moment of bliss and I totally slipped out of my calloused and scared barrier which made me delusional and set my mind to a status of hunger which supersedes my swift yet stern composure I’ve always vouched in having.

I’m vexed because I’ve lost my foothold which made me have the tendency to unsheathe what rather, dignity, I had before hand. Just a moment of unrestrained bliss, a moment of weakness, a moment of frugal intentions, a moment of fragility- something which I thought I wound only feel when I’m lost and cornered like a beast who’s hinds are against wicked coarse walls of jagged rocks.

Prepared and trained as I’ve been all these passing moons, I will have my outer dermis and dignity sheathed at all time. I will not lose my foothold as to allow oneself to derail from what one believes as virtue of masculinity. Back on top.