I was wrong today because I didn’t put the gf’s feelings first. I’m such a coarse person that I sometimes forget whats important around me. The way I am, I’m coarse with everyone because of my brutal honesty. I could have put things in more subtle terms- something that wont hurt her feelings and that would make a point. I meant every word of it but I should have been nice about it. I forget sometimes and It may sound perfectly logical yet it really is too coarse.

I do apologize for my swift and thoughtless remarks. It does make me feel bad that I hurt her feelings. Today was totally my fault and I felt like an ass. No one’s pointing fingers but obviously, the finger is towards me straight in the face. I make my points on the expense of other peoples feelings and thats perfectly okay by me. Just not towards the gf. I’m forgetful and I won’t do that anymore. She’s not just anyone else but someone I love and I should be a little more careful and put thought into what I say before any repercussion from her.

I hate that face that I’m right yet wrong; conveying a message with such coarseness is rude on my part. I will be more assertive the next time ’round. I only hope that she doesn’t get more angry towards me. I noticed subtle changes in her mood when she’s angry and I don’t like it. It’s not her fault she’s that way; she is because of me and that in turn makes me feel bad. To have her smile and be happy is something I enjoy.