Yes, more shelves! I had to install more shelves. First it was only seven rows my sister wanted then she wanted it to go up to the ceiling. Only problem was the AC switches were in the way so I had to move those.

See those switches? Man they were a pain in the ass to move! Well not really, just time consuming because I had to cut into the wall in two places for elbow room to fish the wires through to their new home.

It was fun removing them from their location and relocating! The wires were #6 gauge and was very hard to manipulate! Kind of bulky to work with but it was done none-the-less.

After I was done, I had to patch up the walls and puddy’d the wall up for texturing tomorrow! Yes, I said texturing! If you are going to do a project, do it right or don’t do it at all! Though sometimes I get lazy but that still doesn’t make it okay!


I’m done! I wonder how they are going to get their shoes? I had a hard time reaching the highest shelf with that ladder you see in the foreground. Those are some high shelves!

moving electrical boxes : moving electrical boxes : patching up holes in walls : drywall patching : drywall texturizing