I use this program so much it isn’t even funny. I find myself using it 5-10 times a day and that annoying pop up telling you to register made me cave in! I ordered the license and thus the pop up is no longer! I was using the free version for ages but I’ve been buying a lot of software lately so why not add another to my arsenal of geekness?

I prefer this over WINZIP because it’s more powerful in my opinion plus it does all that I need. Less file corruption for me when I archive files in a bundle. WINZIP may have improved but I don’t care to try it out anyhow. WinRAR is for me; nice easy and does what I need. Thats really the bottom line now-a-days: can it fulfill all my needs?

Plus, you get all these cool themes you choose from: (I got the Aladdin Theme=))