Hold on, what the hell are convenient fees? USF is full of BULLSHIT. Ironic their football team is ‘The Bulls’. It’s bullshit!!! Students who pay for tuition get crushed with this fee. First USF rapes you for parking every year, then they enforce this new fee for paying tuitions online. WHAT THE FUCK? You suck USF. Yeah i’m a student and I’m saying you FUCKING SUCK!

30k-40k +++ students hmmm lets say 60% pay for tuition online and the rest pay at school. So thats 24,000 who pay online x 10.00 fee = 240,000.00. I don’t see how the convenient fee applies here? Why is it such a convenient? O, because you don’t have to get inline to pay. Now the line is going to increase. You would think you pay them this much money that they could get more minions to shorten the lines… It’s convenient to pay online but they don’t have to necessarily charge for it. It’s freak’n automated for crying out loud.