I love my bandsaw. Installing baseboards is easy! If you had only to cut 45degree angles only! I had to cut round corners which made the task a little challenging but I did it without a sweat! A whole house would probably take me 2 full days but now it’s only taking a day. To do round corner baseboards, you have to cut three pieces: three @ 22.5degrees!

Cutting the center piece that ties into the two boards is a pain! So I setup my bandsaw to cut the center 22.5degree piece. I needed twenty-four of them. Cutting them one at a time would prove to be very VERY time consuming. The bandsaw made it easy once I had setup a jig for it! Took me less than 30mins to cut all the pieces! Now all is needed are lots of other boards cut! I’ll finish tomorrow!

EDIT: Here are samples of the cuts I’m talking about: