I wanted an ab machine. They are not pricey and I thought to myself that it would be awesome if I made my own. Thinking it would cost me twice as much…. Nope. Cost me 11dollars in materials. Beat that! I originally wanted this:

I purchased 12ft of 12×1 steel square tubing. I knew what I wanted in my head. I had it cut down to 6ft lengths then welded them together once I got to the shop. That way it would save me time at the end. I sanded all the rust off with the DA sander. Hence why the steel was so inexpensive.

Cut them down to size as desired by my plans.

The ends were folded together and welded to create a closed tube plus to minimize injury during use.

I made a jig to setup the pieces and for easier assembly because of the differing angles. Made sure things were square and plumb

Once I got the legs welded, I laid them on the jig to make sure they fit nicely and then proceeded in welding it all together. I cut 2.5″ pieces and welded them on the side to give placement for backboard attachment.

Lastly, I added the feet hold/grasp thingy so that you can hold on it with your feet and use it to pull yourself up when working on your abs.

I painted the frame with black Rust-Oleum gun metal textured paint. I looks really good In my opinion. I added the back support and soon will add the cushions for it so I can start on my six-pack.

Ab Machine : Building Ab Machine