I got one. Not for me but for my sister. She dropped her Katana in the pooper. I cringe at buying my used phone for 100USD yet I don’t when I buy this 240USD phone. I sniped it via ebay within the very last seconds of bid’s end- yeah I snipe, what? This phone is so awesome!!! The person who shipped it was even more uber awesome! I have never received a package in expensive trash bags before. They are the trash bags that has the pull string on the top outer lip of the bads that allows easy garbage disposal. It was wrapped in layers of it!

Slim, Dual-Faced Form
# The UpStage is the first product that’s both a dedicated music player and a dedicated phone. And at only .37″ slim, it’s bound to pick up a ton of dedicated fans.
Music (and Everything Else) Player
# You can load up the UpStage with music from your PC or downloads from the Sprint Music StoreSM – then listen to it all through the stereo speaker or a stereo Bluetooth headset. Then there’s a big, beautiful, 262,000-color display so you can watch music videos or Sprint TVSM. Just hit “play.”
1.3 Megapixel Camera
# The same beautiful display that lets you enjoy music videos can also display your photos. The UpStage has a sweet 1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder so you’ll never miss a photo op again.
Stereo Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
# Connecting to Bluetooth-enabled headsets, handsfree car systems and compatible printers sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, connecting to your music with a stereo Bluetooth headset sounds even better.