I’m tired of these bug and tar stains in front of my bumper. They are so hard to get off and I can’t seem to shake it with any of the products I’ve tried. We had a detailer come to detail two of our cars and I asked him what kind of product does he use to remove the bugs and tar grime off the bumpers. He gave me 12oz of this brown liquid and said it would work miracles. Indeed, it did. I saw it with my own eyes.

So I tried it myself but with a twist; I used WD-40 on one side and the brown stuff on the other half. Both products worked but with WD-40, you needed more elbow-grease. I didn’t like that idea and or the extra work. I’m not cut out for extra work when not necessary. The brown stuff works great! Took it off without a lot of work.

Here is a shot when it was all done and said:

Since I don’t know where to get this [brown stuff], I will be using a new product: Spray n Wash clothes detergent. I read it somewhere and I’ll give it a run. Nice and cheap and can be had at any Walmart. I did do a search for the brown stuff when he told me what it was called but didn’t find anything. Now I forgot the name but who cares, I’ve got Spray n Wash round’ the corner. O yeah, here are the search results.

From Your Laundry Room

I use Spray n Wash or any other laundry stain remover to get tar and bugs off my car. After applying, let it sit for a minute to loosen the tar then wash. I’ve been using it for 15 years and haven’t had any problems. It also works great on whitewalls.
Kathy G.