I’m so exhausted. I have two sisters who are done with their Doctorates in Pharmacy- finally! Lets go out there and make lots of money for the first 3yrs and pay back student loans- yippie! Lord it was exhausting. Two days of graduation ceremonies. The Doctorate title entitles them to their own special ceremony which was placed on a Friday, then the next day everyone graduates as one uber large group!

It was fun! I had a lot of foods and drinks to keep me awake plus not to mention the Hilton with the snooty pool and bus fair lalala! The Hilton we stayed at wasn’t that nice or maybe the suite we were in was crappy? Who knows? All I know is if you tried kicking the door down in them rooms- you would probably brake a leg or three! Solid oak or maybe metal!!! I had a hard time closing the darn door let alone try to open it with the finicky key cards.

I swear down in PBA, there were so many coconuts that I wanted to pick them to take them home. I bet the city has their minions once a year around this time to come and cut them off and throw them away! What a waste! I wanted a few coconuts. Is that too much to ask for? Hell, I’ll even climb up the tree myself to get to them! All the coconut trees were of course, near the beach (Atlantic side) and the water was beautiful! Blues, greens, and sapphires!!! Can’t afford those homes down there! You’d have to be billionaires to afford the living those fortunates are able to attain! Coodoes to them!