I have no idea why Honda has their oil filters on the side of the engine towards the firewall. It makes for uneasy access of it and it required you to crawl deep underneath the engine to reach it. The Pilot has it on the side near the bottom on the driver side which isn’t so bad but dammit, the spark plug removal and install was a pain in my butt. Why O why are spark plugs so such a pain to install? That’s with every car now-a-days: Acura, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi etc. etc..

I had to put in new plugs, oil change, transmission flush and miscellaneous things here and there. The timing belt shall be next- ehrr does it even have one? Maybe a timing chain? I doubt the Pilot has a timing chain. Women just like to drive and not have to worry about anything. No background history is needed. Gas & drive is all they do. Oil changes? Tire rotations? Got to remind them to do stuff like that. Careless they are.

Another gripe I have is directed towards Fram, the leading oil-filter producer?! What the heck is up with the black textured paint painted on the bottom of the filter? I know it’s for gripping but it’s stupid in design. It is useful for oily and clammy hands to grasp at but the paint flakes off after 3 months of usage and when you go and grab a hold of it, you get paint chips on your hands and in your eyes- up your nose. It’s dangerous! One flake in your eye and it could be a lawsuit. If they were to make a textured bottom for grip, why not ceramic coat it. Wait, that will only increase the price- scrap that idea! I don’t even see why they need any grips- that is why we have oil-filter removers and or tighteners for!