Finally, the engine + transmission are both going in at the same time. We hoisted the whole front end up with the crane (it worked faster than a jack) so that the engine + transmission will clear. Once we have it cleared, we then pushed it underneath the car and lowered the chassy on top of it. Then support the chassy and hoist the engine + transmission up while aligning it properly.

The engine mounts were all billet aluminum- NICE and shiny! The rear mount had to go on first. Don’t tighten it down because you need “wiggle” room to move and align the mounts together so they can fit.

The passenger tranny mount gave us some trouble because we needed to cut away some metal to allow the mount to fit. We took a grinder to it and that did the trick though I admit, there were too many sparks flying everywhere so I let my buddy Hieu do all the “meticulous work”.