Really a Honda Prelude Clutch Job that is going into a Civic Hatch. Jap spec H22A motor and tranny. We had the motor hanging from the crane and the transmission removed. Inside was the old clutch which didn’t seem to be worn at all. Out with the shitty and in with the kick-ass clutch and billet Fidanza flywheel. All new cool shiny parts! I Don’t know what brand clutch but it was dressed in blue:)

I forgot to mention but prior to all of this happening,.. my buddy has an aptitude to want to paint every damn thing. So while I was working on the car, he was out back cleaning the transmission and doing all the prep work for a coat of paint, I was in for a surprise! I don’t know why he choose a 5 gallon bucket as a painting bench but the transmission fell down and kissed his pretty toes. It hurt he said but I was too busy laughing my butt off to be paying any attention. Thank goodness it didn’t fall in an angle to severe a toe or three. Likewise, it was funny none-the-less.