I have no idea what you call it but since I have a truck and that is what it’s called. Carbon fiber tailgate for my buddies Honda Civic Hatch which I thought was really fruity but he likes it. The install was pretty straight-forward except the company that sold it to him, didn’t give him screws to install it. They expected him to use the screws that came off his old tailgate. They were a little too short or was it the nuts embedded into the tailgate too deep? I think it was a design flaw on the tailgate.

Another was that they should of had pre-drilled the tailgate cable release and accessory power holes. What sucked even more was that the latches that lock the tailgate to the car didn’t line up correctly. What kind of crap is that? To each his own I guess. Recap: company should provide new bolts/nuts, pre-drill all holes, and make the latched aligned correctly. I need a photo of it on his car. I guess I didn’t take that!