I was brought upon by the notion that I will always be unhappy with the one I would be-unioned with whether now or in the near future. It didn’t make sense to me logically because preferences are all that rules wumen (men & women- I so made up that term). It’s not okay to have preferences I take it? That’s bullshit. Everyone has preferences from personal amenities to sex partners.

Would eating a green apple be fair to a red apple that you prefer? What if there were no red apples to pick from? All you had were green apples. Based on fairness, I shouldn’t consume the green apple in fairness because I would be preferring a red apple? Each time I have a(n) green apple, I would say to myself: “red apples are far more delicious than green ones”. So every time that I had that thought (adulterous thought), I should be ashamed? That’s bullshit too!

I forgot long ago there was a study done about what type of shape a man prefers. There were 3-6 shapes drawn out on a tablet and they would inquire the thoughts of many men on what type of shapes they preferred. All the men who were given the test chose a similar shape 90% of the time. These were given to men from all over the world- Europe, Asia, and even indigenous peoples/tribes. Ironically, how can indigenous men pick out the same shape like the other men when they don’t even have running water, television and etc?

What we prefer, we don’t always end up attaining. I believe we find someone imperfect and make them perfect. Let our mental state of mind transcend to reality. Back on track here. So if you were to date someone that didn’t fit many of your preferences, wouldn’t you find them perfect in a very subtle way? Why would you date them if they didn’t make you happy? I don’t necessarily believe that. For example, when we do make love, would we think of that person to be someone we’ve dreamed about? That’s fantasizing. Fantasizing is when you masturbate for lack of discreet of examples.

Sure, we go into public and see someone very attractive- even more attractive than our mate. I believe that’s normal and shouldn’t be considered abnormal. Would this fine delicious contestant be an asset to you or would love you in a manner that your mate does? I’m pretty sure not! Would you take the risk of finding out? Why? Why waste your time when you have something far better at home? It’s human nature to bleed and so it’s human nature to look. Look doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll fantasize about them unless what you have at home is decadent towards you.