When it comes to sex appeal, I like anything with a skirt! Easy in and easy out? Quick get-away? I don’t know what it is with skirts but I find it most attractive. They come in all different flavors: classy, modern, rock, casual, and slutty. All of which, I find fascinating in one way or form. It’s the appeal of power; pleasantly delicate and understated. Prowess in speech or is speech a parallel to the walks and stature of devil’s advocate on slutty heels? Or perhaps it’s the provocativeness hidden behind what seems to be curvy heavenliness bound by what I can only tell is two wholesome lovely lady lumps? Hmmm, someone do tell!

Out of all the flavors felled from rainbows, I chose classiness over all. There are five styles of skirts befallen and only one rules them all. It is the classic look. Many of my favorite actresses look simply delicious in them. The ones that come into mind the most are Eva Mendez & Catherine Zeta Jones. They look sophisticated in them- hell, it’s Hollywood so wouldn’t everyone need to? Hell, if I had lady lumps, I’ll wear them myself. But seriously, skirts really do it for me. My girlfriends do agree.

This has led me to the conclusion: I have not seen Ghost Rider (2007). O my, what am I missing out? Wholesome o’ goodness. I need to go see it but I’m tired and need rest. Eva and Catherine are both my girlfriends (it’s Hollywood, they can make me good looking to match dammit). BTW, I had a very, very hard time trying to find photos of both of these delicacies. I prefer the skirts over the netted look of Mendez. Hell, I prefer sexy clothing over nude any day.

O my, I forgot I like those pro-suits these women wear too! They are simply an impression of power. Yum-O. Can’t find any of those photos either. I thought google was my bestfriend. Apparently they’ve failed miserably! Professionalism is an attraction from all perspectives by all carnies!