I love listening to radio talk shows. They almost always have something good and interesting to say. I love to hear other peoples antics and opinions on diverse subjects and the likes. The Snitch Show is quite an interesting show. I’ve been a listener for almost three years now and from the beginning, I’ve always thought the host as being an ass. I had enough of him today.

I’ve noticed that he has his opinions and feels quite strong about them and I understand that but when his audience calls in to voice their own opinion, he literally ignores them and inserts his own or ridicules them without them having chance to augment their reasoning. He treats the callers like shit. Hanging up on them without reason or just biting their head off after they let loose a few sentences. He’s a horrible greeter too, might I add.

Another that gets me all flustered is that when someone challenges Snitch, the host, he doesn’t let them talk and instead interrupts them an inserts his authority by calling them dumb indirectly and insults them like they’re the sorry idiots of the day whom happen to peck a fight with him.

I noticed a lot lately that when some people call in, he likes to analyze and use their own words against them but can’t have the same done to him. For example, a caller contradicts himself accidentally- what happens next is total annihilation— hang up —. Today, a caller called him and said he was totally contradicting himself and instead of letting the man finish, Snitch just bashed him and reinserted his “biased” FACTS- damn’it he can’t be wrong for a change can he? I guess that’s talk biz.

Anywho, the guy that came after the snitch show – I thought – is a great host. Very forward and stern about his opinions but the only difference is that, he actually “cares” about the listeners point of view and was respectful towards them when answering the calls. I admit, the guy talk a whole lot- like a speech he’d give but damn good one(s) too! Snitch stutters