I was suppose to go to the dentist yesterday but has it my luck, my schedule changes too drastically and too spontaneously. I need to pull out a wisdom tooth in preparations for braces. Goodness. I got called on at eight in the morning to reverse the swing of a door from right to left, install two closets and some other miscellaneous odds and ends.

I had a swell time doing it too. Funny thing is, the first box I opened up to assemble together did not come with instructions. I came back to Home Depot to ask them for the needed instructions. The guy in baths, Fred respectively, opened a whole new box to give me the instructions but there wasn’t one to give. So I told Fred he needed to kick someone’s ass.

Turns out after I was done installing the damn thing, the instructions were found clasped in between the backboard. Who the hell puts instructions in there? Freak’n terd balls! I made amends by opening the next box (a smaller closet made by the same company Closet Maid) and going for the backboard but before I did, I found the instructions lying on the top of the parts when you first open the box. That’s how it has always been. The idiot that put the parts in there that had it hidden in the backboard is a douche bag. Screw Closet Maid (the dumb ass that put the parts together).

Anywho, without instructions leading me to full fruition, I ended up assembling the closet correctly! How do you like them apples? Damn I’m good. Fred must be happy with a customer so damn witty=) O, did I say I had a coupon for Borders book store? Forty percent off! ****! Yeah, I missed that sweet opportunity as you can see.