By Far, this must be the best game ever. I mean that literally. Came out in 1996 and now it’s present day, 2006. I can’t get over this game. It was intended for dos but it works with Windows XP- eh 256 color use to be the *shit*. I remember in those days, RAM was rediculously expensive and an 8MB video card cost you a testical. Ah, the good O’ days.This game brings me back into childhood. I remember playing this game for a straight 14hours during the summer. Than when I went to bed, I would contemplate on how to advance myself to the next level. I had dreams about this game too. This game took me over mentally. Physically, it made me extremely tired and sluggish because of the many hours it took away from my sleep time.

The reason I like this game so much over the new and more advanced games is that because it’s simple. I love the music even thought it’s repetitive and the smart quirky remarks my “foes” makes during the game really adds to the suspense! I like the way how you can manage wheat farms and raising cows, weapons production, and castle building.

I tried Lord Of The Realm III two years ago and it was terrible! You read anywhere on the net and you’ll see nothing but utter disappointment. The creators of the LOTRIII really did away with making something better than its predecessor. I hate the new management of castles and the way you engage in battle. You really can’t make your own army or get to pick what’s to become of the group of infantry. +++ for LOTRII and NAY for LOTRIII.