I’m so not happy with the thought or purchasing ink cartridges over and over again. They cost 20-50USD a pop and I already went through 5. Arbitrarily speaking, that’s more than 100USD spent on ink alone and the darn printer was even that much!

I was on the verge of buying a Brother color laser printer because of the savings. 600USD for the printer and another 600 for the toner. The toners are 120-150USD per toner but that beats spending what I did because I know in the long run, I would be saving a lot of money going the laser route. I can’t even print 100 letter documents before running low on ink. I hate that!

I did some research on t-shirt transfer mediums and ended up buying a new printer and CIS (continuous ink systems). I purchased a brand new Epson R340 & the CIS system. I’m chucking my old Epson Stylus 925 printer STAT! I figure, every time I print something, it’s twenty pages in black/color, so why not waste the money on some new toys!

It’s a 95% savings on inks alone because you fill the mediums with the proper inks purchased from any retailer provided you purchase good ink. The CIS system is equivalent to 700 ink cartridge(s) changes. (700×35(median of 20+50)) – yeah, you do the math! This will be wonderful for my t-shirt transfer hobby! Now all is needed are sublimation transfer papers and an iron! Look out! I’m going to be adding a page dedicated to this hobby! You can be cool like me and use them too! You go HERE

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