I was quite nostalgic the other day… Do you ever get the feeling that you are missing something from the pass? I did that one particular day. I had the rhyme, the ring, and the reason: I was delving in the past and how I missed the innocent years. The song that reminded me of this was sung by Merril Bainbridge – Mouth.

During my commute, I was trying to remember this song and thinking of the beat that went with the lyrics- google is your friend because that is how I found her! I was so pleased I paid 0.25cent to download the song! Yay! Now I can delve in the past. I felt as though I was whole again in some distant years ago.

Odd isn’t it? I found it odd and quite fascinating at the very least. I could have just forgotten it and lost the chance of feeling whole? I’ve been writing a lot of things down lately because I want to keep mental notes of everything just in case I forget.

Very simple lyrics:
Written by – Merril Bainbridge
From – The Garden
I feel like I’ve been blown apart
There are pieces here
I don’t know where they go
I don’t know where they go
Kiss me on my salty lips
I bet you feel little crazy but for me
We’ll be famous on TV
Would it be my fault if I could turn you on?

Would I be so bad if I could turn you on?
When I kiss your mouth
I want to taste it
Turn you upside down
Don’t want to waste it

I jump on you, you jump on me
You push me out and even though you know
I love you I’d be inclined to slap you in the mouth
When I kiss your salty lips
You will feel a little crazy, but for me
I’ll be famous on TV