So I got sick of using my water filter that was supposed to lasts 5 years. Boy how the heck did I fall into such a gimmick! I was being cheap plus it would last for five years?!!! Makes me angry because I still have crappy tasting water and ice with residue in it? Yuck!

So on to Home Depot I went. I compared the said water filtration system to its larger cousin which might I add, was fifty more dollars! Same brand, same design but (yeah, there is always a “but”) the thing you don’t pay attention to is that they utilize the same device but different filters. So I said to myself, “why buy the 150USD model when I can buy the 99USD model; when the provided filters expires, I’ll go ahead and purchase the filters designed for the 150USD model”. A stroke of genius I tell ya!

Just picture this filter instead of being yellow, its green. No magical difference in the way it works or hooks up to the device. The only difference is the price. Yellow filter equals 30USD; green filter equals 35USD. The green filter filters like 3 more particles than the yellow one does.

The whole thing cost me 160USD (parts to hook up to my fridge). Now I dont need to go buy bottled water as my main source of water any longer! Yay!

Funny how refridge water lines are 5/16inch and Home Depot and Lowes do not sell these “special” parts. Ace Hardware supplies all these parts at a “PREMIUM”. The connection you see below is 5/16 tube mated to 1/4 tube. The misc. parts in-between make this connection conversion possible!

These are misc shots of the installed filter a few feet above the floor so the young ones don’t get to messing things up.

fridge hook-up water filtration system hook up