I’ve been researching for quite a bit; round town and the internet. I wanted the best setup for the best dollar. Who doesn’t? I went to three venues in search of a deal on wheels but to no avail. All three places wanted 300USD and up. That to me, is very ridiculous and outrageous. So what if my vehicle is newer? It only takes a few tweaks to make fit for my vehicle let alone, mass produce it! Reese needs to do something about this!

A remedy? Sure, there are always other routines to draw from and achieve the same results. So what I did was measure my rear support beams (frame). Trucks have two steel beams running parallel to each other from the front to the back, north to south. It was roughly 37.5in. with two bolt holes spaced approximately 4in. apart.

The kit I purchased, was designed for domestic and foreign vehicles. Namely the Tundra, the larger brother of my Tacoma. I went to Wal-Mart with the measurements, opened up one of the boxes, … hotdog! It will fit! I was so happy I cried for joy at 109.00USD!!! I purchased that, the wiring harness (6USD) and a starter hitch ball and mount (20USD). It came out to a total of 145USD after taxes. Can’t beat that with a stick! I saved 150USD!!! I’m so proud of myself… Yes!

The easiest way I found installing it was by first installing the first piece. Let’s just call it the starter piece.

After you have that loosely bolted on, you can than slide the last piece on and adjust the length accordingly.

After cooking up a storm and filling a swear jar full of nickels, you are finally done.

The reason you see the long bracket hanging like so is because this was designed for the Tundra and the Tundra required a brace that would connect from the bottom bracket to the frame of the truck. I did not use it because it won’t fit and its not required. The Tundra requires such a brace (in theory) because the whole hitch assembly is only held on with two bolts (the other two bolt attaches to the brace than to the frame). Besides, I see kits designed for the Tacoma (2006), do not require a brace nor is a brace provided!!!

Take into consideration that I could not use the bolts provided with the kit because the Tacoma comes with four nuts already welded to the four holes. I had to purchase that separately at the hardware store (8USD for hardened bolts and washers).

Here is a misc. shot of the hitch. Pay close attention. The brand is “Bully”

Toyota Tacoma Hitch Walmart Hitch Hitch Wiring