“We are best of friends; our love is beyond that the love of lovers; we are friends at heart.”


Through shallows a heart reaching beyond cinder core. Glow in light leaves ashy trails of distant forever more. A friend such I no more no less, thinks thy like dandelion; a signature in lock of shadows of imprint in letters and notes of yesteryears. A bee like I has plucked and plundered, nested cove: found I a home within…a heart… her heart.

Look high above and dream a tale of tall tales. Winds from east and dust from West. A music box lie just atop of windows’ ledge. Beyond the edges sprinkled with ashy dust. Holes of worms’ scattered around the box show sign of age. A tune springs lively as it ajar. Thus too, my friendship wakens when called. Like a good music box I am, you’ll always hear a tune you yearn .

Nestled in bosom; a place I lie. Dormant and alone I’ve always been. Never asked nor ached for better. Know less this that lie beyond no bounds, a love that contours and shifts like the many shadows plastered upon the brilliant sky that my love for thy are like the sands found upon natures’ soles. Simple, lasting, and enduring. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just close to extraordinary.