I lost a lot of my photos I took. They were digital copies of film versions back in the day. I was talking to my friend via AIM and he sent me a photo of my ex and I. Boy, was I ever feeling so nostalgic than ever. I miss those days. She was so sweet and her smile was icing on the cake.

I don’t regret any day that I was with her. Though it did not end as I intended but that’s life: things don’t always fall into place like a puzzle. I would often look back and relive the sweet moments that I cherished most. The soft kisses and caresses and how they made me feel. It was soothing- beyond a latte decked with whip cream.

I’ve been single now for O, I’d be generous and say four something odd years. I don’t have the desire for affection from anyone. I wasn’t hurt nor was I devastated from a previous relationship to say and commit to such. I’m content with mostly everything and I’m not demanding- just picky and very particular. Here’s to another four years!