[iPod Mini Video Car Kit Charger Adapter FM Transmitter]

I am using my iPod more lately and notice the increase in [blockage]. That is, I am able to block out a lot of the world surrounding me. It works best with soft melodies and sometimes rock=) Anyhow I’m wanting to use this during my commute to and fro and I find it annoying and [stupid] looking to wear my ear phones while driving. It’s not that I care about those around me but it’s more of an inside mental disorder that I think it’s dumb to do so.

My remedy? Hmm, as the title indicates, I purchased an FM transmitter/ FM Modulator for my iPod. Good god, it’s made in China and that’s not to to say that all products are inferior when made in China: high quality does
exist in China when looking and researching carefully. It’s three products in one; 1) charger, 2) dock, and 3) FM Trans./Mod.. I love it actually!

Now why is it an inferior product? Well for one, I’ve never heard of the brand and the prongs that hold the dock in the cigarette lighter is just too flimsy and not up to par. I’m worried that if I stop all a sudden during busy
traffic- it might fly out and hit me in the face if not, damage a 300USD toy! It wouldn’t hurt my pocket book as much because I got it for free but to others, I feel your lost,.. not!

You’ve probably experienced [over-charging] your battery on many of the newer gizmos namely, phones and PDAs. This product I purchased has no [turn-off], [toggle] or [push-button] switch built in? What? Why in the heck not? Well, okay, all the iPod FM Trans./Mod do not have this feature and I plan to remedy this as well! I figured, since the battery is built into these iPods (why?), I would risk damaging the battery while listening to my collection because of [over-charging].

I fixed this with a few mods or hacks, if you want to call it that, so that I’m able to charge my iPod at will. This is my first time so it looks really bad but works and that’s all I need it to do. My first phase was splicing open the wires to find the [hot] wire and connect it to a switch. I should have done this the correct way: splice from within and have all the wires tucked neatly inside the dock. Fruit for thought but if you do try this, do what I just suggested because you don’t want wires dangling. Plus, the dock is white and my wires are black? How dumb am I? Sheesh! I’ll include photos as soon as I get my digital camera back which is tomorrow!

I changed my mind and re-hacked the contraption to hide all the wires but the resultant was far from eye candy. I should have thought a little more deeply before I started hacking it. Enjoy!