So I went out Friday night to celebrate a friend’s birthday. At the same time, visit an old friend of mine. We have been friends for a few years now and we just now started talking again. I never gave up on her though,… we drifted apart for about a year because she was seeing someone at that time. I understood her decision and I
embraced it with her. I always called to say hello and such and one day she replied. I was very happy she did because that rekindled our friendship.

I never bothered her by calling her relentlessly; just on occasions like holidays and such. I had a feeling that this person I shouldn’t give up on and it paid off! Some people, I gave up completely. I’m sure I’ll lose her again but it’s okay; just live in the moment.

Back to my thoughts… So we went with a party of seven: three ladies and 4 gents.. It was so much fun I have to say. The server (my friend that I went to go see) was so trying to get me drunk! It was Heineken after Heineken after Heineken. She was being so bad- especially for a server=) She usually has her hair up and is more “punkish” in composure. This night, no she was not at all. I told her she looked radiant. She said I looked GOOD (O yeah,
made my night!). I love the way her hair fell down her side and how her tender curls garnished her petite shoulders. Wow!!!

Anyhow, I had a great night. Wings were awesome and the beer was even sweeter than usual (wink). Did I mention one of the girls was extremely cute? Yeah? They all went to a party after but I could not make it. Wish I had because it was fun fun fun!