I don’t know where to start because there were a few random things that had occurred. I should have emptied my thoughts here earlier instead thinking back of what had happened. It doesn’t seem as fresh to me than if it were a week ago. Still, this proves that certain cliches happen for certain reasons If I might add, and this is one of them. “Things happen for a reason”.

This allows my mind to consolidate my thoughts to one cohesive and solid happening. I like this more and it offers a reflection of shame (if there were any) so that I may self correct my wrongs to rights. I believe this works best when served cold.

I can not remember when or the hour but a friend of mine claimed I. So I assume I’m a best friend to another which makes my day more fluid and balanced. To know that I have reached out to her and lightly suggested changes that need mending and to be able to counsel what needs cushioning makes I a more influenced person. I was touched when I was told I actually helped her see through different shades of colour. I’m happy to be part of her. She has given me something I can not refuse.

I too made a promise. The promise was that I will far exceed her kinship that she had now experienced with her friends. This promise goes only so far. I can only reach what wants to be reached and touch what wants be felt. I shall be here always. She will sail ways far and we can pick-up our relationship where it is left at without chiding and without questions. It’s not the years nor the distance that lets friends drift away; its how you feel at the moment- that pivotal moment when you know you have laid eyes on the same person you’ve come so accustomed to that all is well and nothing has changed but the weather.

I’m resolute when it comes to friendship. Like the graying of asphalt, I change very little. My direction is firm and my feelings are concrete. I stay grounded as the weather changes and the seasons discolour.