Finally! I have now, an IPOD for my full sadistic & unmoral pleasure=) I love music, though somewhat boring of a genre you might think but I love the type of music that I listen to. Nice and slow, classy, and very boring=) Just my type of music to set the correct mindset.

How did I come of this? Well it started many moons ago when I was promised one and patiently waited until this special day came=) $300 USD later, I’m now free to block out the world around me even more! My friend CHIM purchased it for me- actually he purchased two, one for Jay and another for I. We got free IPODs and are extremely happy for such a blessing! Now we must get to using it which will take us quite a bit of time to learn the curvature of the proprietary Appleware.

It’s silly how I did not know what an IPOD was when Apple first started making them! I was clueless until CHIM updated me. He’s like my key to the hip-hop culture, new gadgets, and the latest gossips. I thank him for such and I thank him even more for my 30GIG IPOD!!! Yay!!!

Check out the photo I stole from Apple (imagine how big my smile was):