I have a six inch diameter cylinder candle that contains three wicks.It’s burgundy I suppose from the images
given below. Well I had lit the candle for many days on ends and burn it did! I find myself guessing “why does
one wick stop burning?”- the other two wicks are fine and burns with fiery. Ah?, it is drowning in it’s own pool of waxy fuel.

As you can see the photos below, it’s obvious that the interior or the “gut” as I call it, was being slowly excavated by the searing heat provided by the three lit wicks. It’s actually caving in itself and doing more harm than good (lighting my room for that O fuzzy feeling).

My solution: Cut it! I didn’t know it took such muscles and breath. I found muscles aching where I had originally thought didn’t exist? Ironic! Yup, I consider that deed quite handy! Check it out!