I made one gallon of colloidal silver at 80ppm so that I may dilute it into 5 gallons; thus resulting in 5gal of 20ppm colloidal silver. Honestly, I could make 10 gallons of colloidal silver at 8.888ppm if I wanted to. Colloidal silver that is 2-5ppm kills the majority of the bugs the general public has issues with (cold, fever, flu etc). I will be the first to take a sip of this colloidal silver tomorrow and see how the quality is.

Pepper has parasites in her body b/c she is rubbing her butt all over the floor. So she’ll brave the CS with her daddy 😉 She’s a tough cookie like her daddy! I bet she won’t mind killing all the tummy parasites so she doesn’t have to use the floor to scratch her butt.

Everyone is poking fun at my colloidal silver but when they are sick and try out my water of life, they are simply another colloidal silver believer! That’s awesome, don’t ya think? I’m going to preach as I usually do and have colloidal silver as a center piece in my parasitic-viralitic-bacterialitic regime.