I couldn’t wait for the items to come in to make my magnetic stirring device so I caved in (couldn’t ¬†help it b/c I was itching for another cook) and use a method which I thought I wouldn’t do: air bubble circulation! I’m going to try it regardless what i believe. If Watchman has done it for more than 15+ yrs- the hell am I waiting for?

Here is my setup:

1) $18 Hp 8500 printer brick rated at 32volts & 2 amps
2) $6  aerator from wally + $2 tubing
3) $5 volt meter to measure the ma
4) $2 for a pack of five 33k-ohm resistors
5) 2 alligator strips
6) $74 1oz of .9999 silver rod
7) $1 Gallon of distilled water

Damn that’s more simple than the magnetic stirring device i’m fixing to build (I wanna build it anyways just because i’m freak’n cool). I know this method will not produce 5PPM CS in 24hrs or will it? Other setup was at 9.22volts & 6ma. This setup is 32volts and 1ma. the high voltage will help push out silver particles but the current is so low that it will make finite particles. Remember that current (amperage) is what determines the size particles of your silver and not necessarily the volts. We’ll see the end result within a day. This is going to be fun!!!

UPDATE: I just checked on this at 8:52 and I already have 1PPM. That’s amazingly fast compared to the old setup. I’m sure If I go to sleep and wake up in the morning, it will be overcooked!!!

UPDATE: I just checked at 9:55PM and it’s 2PPM. This is without any whiskers building up on the silver rods. As I suspected: water agitation prevents this!!! I’m super stoked!!!

UPDATE: Running for 5hr 45mins = 5ppm. Leaving it on till 6:15am for a total of 12hr cook time. This is such an efficient way of cooking b/c the agitation of the water breaks away any of the sludge build up and allows the current to flow more freely to make CS at a constant rate. This makes me want to build the magnetic stirring device even more so! One thing to note is with the other previous setup: at 4PPM the batch was starting to turn yellow. Currently at 5PPM the water is still clear. I hope to double the current PPM by waking hr!!!

UPDATE: It’s 6.30am. I more than doubled my predictions! I’m roughly around 15PPM with a sludge ring around the neck of the jug. Not bad. Last run it was 24hr and only 5PPM and had a yellow hue to the water. The water is still clear on this batch. I believe it’s the 32 volts that speeds up production, the low(er) 1ma current, and air bubbler that’s making this all possible. I’ll test another batch with 42 volts or more next time around!

This is the clearest CS I’ve ever made so far.