I dropped off his DVD’s today in the mail box. I forgot to bring it along when I came to pick up my jack. I had asked him to remove my number from his possession as I’ve already done so after I dropped off the DVD’s. I don’t know what to do with the watch. I think I’ll give it away as well. That will take some time to do because I do not know whom to give it to nor do I know of such an outlet to freely throw it away.

I’m done with this friendship. I don’t need the memory of such indecency nor do I need reminders that will coax my psyche. Life goes on without our noticing at times; at other times, we need to take up the responsibility to take care of splitting ends. To round the corners if I may… I love his mom; she’s such a sweet lady. Wife to Casanova and mother to a bastard. She’s such a sweet lady.

When I came over to pick up the jack, I spoke to her momentarily and she had asked for me to come over when I’m not busy. I nodded and said that I would love to come over. Pretense rather but what else was I suppose to say (your son is a bastard?)?