This box filled with reams of printing paper we call our dinner table, cost us 28dollars at office depot. We use it everynight to have dinner. I slip a slipper underneath me bum while wearing the other and having dinner with me mate, Jimbo. We are poor ass students. Actually, we are just lazy to go buy a table. I could build one lol but that’s another story.

God we need more fiber in our diet. All meat and no veggies. At least I have a V8 each day. By the looks of it, If my buddy eats like me, he’s bound to be skinny lol! I’m so mad I left chicken in the fridge for a week and it went bad! I should have put it in the freezer!!! Now i’m out of $8 and no chicken. I’ll cook a whole chicken tomorrow and have it all week. What i need is a whole wild boar and pack that honker in the freezer for the winter. O that reminds me, I need to go buy some MSG.

I miss home, I miss my nieces and nephews.